Weygreen company was found in 2002 years.The company relies on the group's strong brand influence, strong financial strength, rich product strength and the integration of many years of industry experience and lofty ideals of the professional team.The company has 10 core categories, more than 40 small categories, more than 200 kinds of quality goods.The main wood material famous products cover office supplies, kitchen furniture, daily necessities, daily necessities and so on.Ensure that all commodity manufacturers direct supply, have a certain price advantage, promise no fake goods, reliable quality, stable supply.
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brand culture ABOUT US
Core values customer first, to meet customer needs, but also to create customer needs;We have always believed that good service, positive team, to create higher efficiency of the development of the company is diligent, fast, quasi innovation, is worthy of inheritance insist that we have always insisted on the selection of quality, environmental protection of raw materials, each product material procurement has been strictly selected and tested.